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You will find details to a monthly group for English Conversation under:


You can look at it atter signiing up but without becoming  a paying member. If you are interested but wish not too become a memeber please feel free to contact me and I might introduce you as a guest. 

"Berlin Singles" sounds like a dating service which it is to a degree, however most of the activities are just to share activities and there are quite a few couples (like myself) involved. 



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- and what`s in it for you?

- are you simply a user of the site, or has somebody asked you to promote it?


BTW - good thing it`s all about conversation and not written English :D




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Hello Robinson,


"What is in for me?

For my liiking there are too few   participants in the group I informed about who are  native English speakers. So motivating those to join would be a great pleasure for me.

"Are you a user?"

Yes.I do pay (P-A-Y) to benefit from the service of this site which I have experienced as genuin (the unavoidable fakes are discovered an bannned from the site within a very short period of time - other sites even creat fakes to feign a great number of  memebers), honest (no asking for false promoting...), clean ( very good social climate) ,  motivating (all activities are initiated by the members themselves - no force feeding by "animateur/esses"), fair priced (82 E / year), open-minded (there are singles who might look for a partner and there are couples who "just" wanna share interests with other people). Yes, I am a fan of BeSis and promote this site because of those reasons. No need to ask me to do so. What do I get out of this?  Warm "thank you!"-s by those who joined the site after having been informed about this possibility  by me. By those who participate in the activities I have been offering. From me to those who enriched my life with their initiatives.  And - quite a while ago - meeting the partner of my life there. The two of us still

participate either as a couple or each on their own.  All this is worth more than alll €, $ and Pounds of the world, which might be unknown  to  those who live on a lonely island with nobody to speak nor write to but brood about all the evil thoughts of  others.


Thanks for asking.

You´re welcome for the answer.

It´s a pity we can´t come across anything without being haunted by thoughts of illicit conspiration.

Let´s get off this lonesome island.

Let´s meet real people and thus learn that 90% of us in the real, populated  world are real und honest and straight forward.

And if I - once in a while - have the effect of a "Friday" to the one or other lonely person out there  I am  tickled pink.

To say it with Sir Paul: "If you´re lonerly you can speak to me!"


Cheers, Wulfgäng


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