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Free international landline calls

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When I returned from the UK I had to make a lot of calls from Ireland, to arrange various things for the rental of my

my flat: plumber, electrician, rubbish removal etc.

When I bought a broadband plan (Vodafone)  for my flat, I selected broadband only, no phone; I thought my mobile would be enough, what with Skype, WhatsApp etc.

So I did not order a landline plan. So I had to make all my UK calls from my mobile; big mistake. When I got the bill, it was over €50, presumably because UK is no longer EU; I hadn't realised this was already in place, otherwise I'd have used Skype, not free but cheaper.

All international calls outside the EU  are usually pretty expensive.


But then I discovered, when I went to the Vodafone website, that a thing called Broadband Voice was included in my  service plan. I'd never heard of this.

 I discovered that, unknown to me, I could install a landline directly through my router. No set up costs, no splitter devices to plug into the phone outlet etc.

 So I bought a simple Panasonic cordless landline phone, stuck the cable into the router (I did have to buy a different cable). And voila! it worked immediately. I got a separate landline number and can make any number of international calls for free, all under my existing Broadband-only service. It's really cool.

I'm assuming this is also possible in Germany?? Or maybe everyone already knows this, in which case excuse my ignorance...




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