Vodafone exasperation, getting out of a contract

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On 4/11/2020, 8:50:07, sneaker said:

Don't forget there is a 12 week notice period. So it's possible you started a 24 months contract in 2017 (i.e. to 2019), then it renewed for 12 months in 2019 (to 2020) and then it renewed again for 12 months in 2020 (to 2021).

So then you possibly paid the 10 Euro extra since 20.06.2019 already without noticing?


Yes that is absolutely correct, you are right. It must have renewed itself on March 27th 2020 for another 12 months. And yes, I did pay the extra 10 since 20.06.2019 without noticing. Thanks sneaker, I really screwed this up :-)

I should probably just cancel now.

Btw, has anyone ever managed to just simply stop paying them? I guess it's not a great idea but for curiosity's sake...






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You'll just be faced with the local bailiff, probably for the whole amount until end of contract. Then Schufa problems ...


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A trick i learnt with Vodafone...


- send the Kundigung form for the contract as soon as you get it or atleast after 1 year

- Around the 16th month period, their customer representatives will call you and ask for feedback blah blah. Tell them you will continue with Vodafone only if you are offered the same price and conditions you currently have.


Works like a charm everytime. 


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