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Hey guys I just have to ask and if you can pitch in? 

So i was in a car accident 3 weeks ago or so- the other party was at fault crossing a red. 

Anyways this is what I did so far right after it happened:

@ called the police- they took all the info and there were many witnesses

@ I felt ok but shaken with a bit of a headache but kept workint as boss asked me to.

@ felt dizzy and headaches and a week

after it happened decided to see the dr which sent me straight to the ER- they registered the visit as a work accident.

@ I was given AU for a week 

@ My bosses then started asking for the dr to write them something stating that i am indeed on AU Because of the accident. My dr said it doesnt work that way and that everything will be dealt between insurances.

@ Bosses dont believe me and said that if i have been put on AU they need a proof that is from the accident so they can charge the woman (her insurance) at fault for my salary. 


Have I not followed the right protocol?

Guys this is just to see if someone has gone through the same 😀 I dont need legal advice 😂


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