Unpaid leave during COVID-19 crisis

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Accidents in the work place- pain in the butt! 馃槵馃き

Had a car accident almost 3 weeks ago and have been on sick leave for 10 days my bosses are harassing me to get a letter fro my doc stating am sick because of the accident so they can claim money from the other woman at fault insurance.聽

聽They do not want to wait until everything is done throuth insurances and waiting times and burocracy and so.聽

So yes it does make sense to tell your bosses if you are away 馃槵


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6 hours ago, Santitas said:

Right and the insurance would probably cover all that, but it would be difficult to argue that I live in Tahiti and commute to Berlin for work 馃槀

You statement "I need to be in Berlin", is the one which i had doubts.


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