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No application for a Niederlassungserlaubnis possible

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Hi everyone, 


I wanted to apply for a Niederlassungerlaubnis but I receveid a message from KVR here in Munich saying that it was not possible.

A little more about my situation:

- My bachelor is in Business Administration
- I've been employed as a Product Manager in an IT company with a Blue Card since 05.2018 with salary of €52.200/year.
- I've changed jobs in 01.02.2020 and my new salary is €62.000/year
- Although I have B1 German knowledge, KVR informed me that I cannot apply for a Niederlassungserlaubnis

- The reason they said is that, as my salary in 2019 was lower than €53.600/year, the period is not counting for the 21 months. 

Below is KVR message:


Sehr geehrter Herr Pereira Samora de Oliveira,


bei der Prüfung Ihres Antrags haben wir festgestellt, dass Sie für das Jahr 2019 die Gehaltsgrenze für die Blaue Karte (53.600 EUR) mit einem Jahresbruttoeinkommen von 52.200 EUR nicht erfüllt haben.

Daher können die Zeiten aus dem Jahr 2019 nicht für die Niederlassungserlaubnis berücksichtigt werden.


Mit Ihrer neuen Stelle ab 01.02.2020 erfüllen Sie wieder die Gehaltsgrenzen.


Eine Beantragung einer Niederlassungserlaubnis nach § 18 C Abs. 2 Satz 3 AufenthG ist daher aktuell nicht möglich.


Sollten wir innerhalb von zwei Wochen keine anderweitige Meldung Ihrerseits erhalten, sehen wir den Antrag als zurückgenommen.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Had anyone the same experience? Is there anything that I can do or I have to wait and then try to apply again?


Thank you for any input!


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Hi, well I would challenge this, I think they are wrong.

The salary level for the blue card was:
- 2018 -> 52.000

- 2019 -> 53.600

- 2020 -> 55.200

As you can see here:

what is valid is the salary level of when you got the blue card, so in your case 52.000, meaning you can work through the 3 years on a 52000 salary.

And then apply for a permanent residence. If what they are saying is correct then that leads me to think that your blue card was not valid anymore in 2019, which is not correct.


So I am not an immigration expert, just collecting information and helping you with this. Said that if I were you, with this corona virus situation, and the benefits of having a permanent residence vs a blue card, I would apply again right now, explaining more clearly the situation or even contacting a law expert to help you craft a letter to attach to the application.


Good luck!



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