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I have just completed my masters and got a temporary employment for an year in a company.


They first provided a hosting agreement to extend my visa and I used the same to extend my Visa for an year with this company name in the visa


But the company dint send the actual contract and starting date. They had asked me to submit some vaccination proof to issue the same. I have also submitted the same two weeks back. Still I dint get any responses.


Now I have another offer confirmed till the end of 2021.

Now if I go to visa office with this new contract to change the name of employer and extend the time frame, will they ask any proof of termination from the old compnay.


Because I won't get anything because I dint start yet due to this vaccination proof.


I am worried if it will be a problem ? Or if I show the new contract alone it would enough to change the employer name ? 


Please let me know if any of you have any info on it.





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I am confused.  It sounds like you had a limited contract with the first employer, which has not (yet) been renewed.


In the meantime you have an offer that would give you another two years of employment, and you'd like to accept it.


If that is the case, I don't think you need to have any formal "termination" letter from the first employer as your contract with them has simply run out - it is implicitly terminated.  


but I am not sure I understand your situation correctly.


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