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Hi all,


I will be officially unemployed in a few weeks after 12 months of employment, therefore I'll be eligible for ALG 1. On top of my job as an employee, I was also earning a little money as a freelancer but my work stream and income were/are quite irregular: I write articles for a magazine and they get published whenever the editors decide to, so technically the work that I sent in December 2019 could be published at any time – 3, 6, 10 months later, sometimes even more... Also, I don't get notified about the publications in advance.


So my questions are:

1) when my employment ends and I start receiving ALG 1, can I still earn money from freelancing? I understood there's an hourly and earning limit (no more than 15 hours/week, and 165ish Euros per month, am I right?) but what if this income is not monthly? I can earn 600 Euros in one month and nothing for four months, and then some more... how would I calculate that, knowing that I cannot know how many articles will be published in my ALG 1 period?


2) How and when should I calculate my freelance earnings for tax/insurance reasons? For example, if I wrote (and sent) an article in January and that article gets published in May and I get paid for that in June, would the payment for the article be included in my January earnings (when I was still employed and paying my own health insurance) or in June (while unemployed and on ALG 1)?


3) Would I need to pay health insurance if I earned money from freelancing? I am married, so while unemployed I could technically go back to being covered by my husband's insurance but I guess that if I have earnings from freelance jobs I can no longer do that.


So, to summarise, would you say it's better that I asked the magazine to "freeze" my articles for a while and start publishing them again when I am no longer on ALG 1 and I will have decided if I want to maximise my freelance business or just look for another job?


Thanks so much for your help! :)


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