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private insolvance

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Hi all , I am currently going through insolvency but need a new apartment. I am in the good conduct phase and I have a SCHUFA entry.  I  read here that I have to inform potential landlords about my insovency, has anyone had any experience with this? Is it likely for me to be able to find somewhere to rent given my financial status?


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I guess it would also depend on what your income is as usual.


I kind of doubt that we would rent to you. Nothing personal.


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Yes, I was in that situation.

I was in private insolvency which ended in late 2016 but after those 6 years of insolvency the Schufa entry remains for 3 full years more.


In 2018 / 2019 my landlady wanted to demolish the house and build apartments so I had to find somewhere else whilst the Schufa entry was still there.

It was difficult, very difficult especially here in Bayern.

I applied for loads of places and wasn't allowed many viewings, just a handful and they were basically fruitless for me.

Eventually after well over a year of searching I found a landlady who was receptive to offering me the apartment. She wanted lots of information about income and also savings etc .... but eventually she offered me the place and luckily it just happens to be the perfect one for me.


So yes, you do have to inform people of your insolvency, they'll see this from Schufa anyway.

Just don't give up, keep searching and eventually you'll get somewhere.


Ahh, just to give you more hope for the future; once the extra 3 years were over for me the entries were automatically removed from Schufa and now, just a few months later my Schufa score is back up to 97% from the 70-odd percent during the 3 extra years.


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Yes, it's a very formal process in Germany.

If you haven't already been, you'll be assigned to an insolvenzverwalter who will look at all your debts and write to your creditors asking them if they wish to join the process. The ones who agree are agreeing to receiving a share of what your insolventverwaltor gets from your earnings each month.

This continues for 6 years or until your debts are paid off if before the 6 years are completed.

You have to be honest about your debts and during this time you shouldn't be visited by any bailiff. If anyone tries asking you directly for money just refer them to your insolvenzverwalter.


At the end of 6 years he'll again speak with your creditors asking if they have anything against your insolvency being ended. Normally they agree to this.

At that point you received a letter from the court confirming your insolvency is ended. Sometimes you may be invited to the court hearing, I wasn't.


As I previously said the debts remain on your Schufa record for another full 3 years, albeit as ended or Erledigt status.

During this 3 years (as with the previous 6 years) you'll find it impossible to get any credit or credit card or maybe even impossible to buy mail order.


Yes, it's a painful 9 years but in my opinion or experience one that has helped me long-term.

My attitude to money and credit has totally changed as working only with cash for 9 years taught me a lot. I couldn't even have an EC card.


I've come through this as a better person and now have a credit card again which I use mainly for petrol and it's paid in full automatically from my bank account each month. Plus, should I go on holiday I can rent a car again which was one of my greatest problems ... no credit card = no car renttal.


Good luck & stay with it.



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