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Hi everyone,

In 2020 I`ve changed my car insurance. From Allianz to HUK24 the reason of course price.

I´m supposed to be in 2020 - SF-Klasse 8. On 07.02.2020 I´ve received a letter from HUK 24 about “Neue Einstufung in SF-Klasse” and it is SF-Klasse 3 ?!?!

I had 3 years accepted by Allianz from another EU country. I know that by changing I´m losing it. Then it is 8-3= 5 right?

How come SF-Klasse 3 then?!?! Any idea? I had one accident, but I paid everything myself, not the insurance, there was no change in the SF-Klasse.

Allianz give info to HUK 24 only how long I was insurance by them or in general. Because I think in the very beginning I had another car insurance by Cosmos Direkt.

Not only the bad SF-Klasse now by HUK 24 but I cannot buy the Rabattschutz (min SF-Klasse 4 )

What can I do? Thank you in advance for your help.

P.S. I read about - Bescheinigung gemäß §5 Abs. 7 Pflichtversicherungsgesetz für Kraftfahrzeuge. I´ve never receved one. Should I request it? I´m confused.


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Eine Kopie der Bestätigung können wir Ihnen leider nicht ausstellen, da dies unser internes System nicht zulässt. Wir bitten um Verständnis.

quite disappointed with HUK as well. Now I´m clarifying the stuff with Allianz.


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