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Police letter for Shoplifting

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25 minutes ago, kiplette said:


Having a social system so damaged that people need to steal to stay alive would be appalling. Germany has a decent social security system and many organisations which can help people in need.


Expecting that they should steal and we should ignore it is terrible. No-one should be forced into that situation. 


You leaving your money around is an interesting solution. I think there are more targeted ways of achieving your aim, but basically to care for others less fortunate is a good trait, so good on you.


I admit i like to help people but i also like to see people reaction when they see a 50 euro bill on the coca cola counter :) Some people were very happy , some looked around , passed a few times and took the bill and one time a person gave it back to the cashier in front :)

I also look in the shop for some young student who buys some cheap ramen and thinks what to buy for that night and i anticipate his path and then drop a 50 euro bill on the raft ;) No one caught me untill now

If korpione finds it in a supermarket , then it from me lol ;)


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