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I am British married to an American.  We are currently here in Bavaria under Status of Forces and are not registered in the German system.  My spouse retires later this year and we are going to move to Portugal.  We would like to take our EU spec car with us.  The problem is, as soon as we leave the military system our car has to be de registered and the plates returned.  Does anyone know the best way to handle the car?  Can I, as a British citizen, apply for temporary residence which would enable me to get temporary export plates to drive the car to Portugal so that we can register it there?  Do I have to apply for residency or can you get export plates as a non- resident?

would the car have to go through the German Zollamt to get export plates?


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Regarding the registration of the vehicle you need: 


Data about the Owner
Certificate of Registration Part II
EEC type approval (certificate)
Motor vehicle liability insurance-->This includes, among other things, the name and address of the policyholder, confirmation of insurance, the commencement of insurance cover and, if applicable, an indication that the holder is exempt from the obligation to insure.


In most cases, the vehicle registration document or the registration certificate Part I must be presented to the registration authority.


Here you have it in German language:  https://zu-schnell-gefahren.de/fzv/#unterlagen


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