How can small child learn English?

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I would like to find a way to teach English to a small child. The best way I can think of is to learn English from native-speaking tutor specializing on teaching to children in a playing form. Unfortunately, there are no such schools around with native speakers, or may be I am not aware of them. May somebody suggest me how to find such schools or a native-speaking tutor?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello. Is your child interested in music?

I teach music (in English) to both children and adults. It’s a great way of acquiring a language for anyone with an interest in music.

Please feel free to contact me:



Professional Profile:

Guitar and Vocal coach. Songwriter - Composer. Singer for UK band ‘The Slow Show’ 

I am a professional musician From Manchester, living in Düsseldorf. As well as writing and performing, I love to teach and am passionate about exploring Music with others. I enjoy teaching all ages/abilities and believe we’re all capable of expressing ourselves musically.



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