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I have been browsing similar topics here, but I haven't found a clear answer yet, hence new topic. I  have recently been fired from my full time job, but through  out the whole time i have been working as a freelancer basis. I have registered myslef as a unemployed jobseeker already and i am in a process of getting the benefits now. It all has been okay, as the only condition  to get the benefit in my situation  was to not work more than 15 hours per week as freelancer. Just recently I receive an email that my contract as a freelancer might be causing an issues as I am obligated to work on different  project on this basis and I have been offered switch to the Minijob. I am afraid now that this will interrupt my benefit process. So basically would be grateful if someone would know what is the procedure here,  from changing to freelancer to mini job, who should i notice(finanzamt or arbeitsamt), do i require any additional paperwork and how would that impact my getting the unemployment benefit.  Thanks in advance!



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