Left Germany 2 Years Ago and Now Planning to Return

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Hi guys, 


So I have been planning to ask for some advice on this for a long time but never really asked but I guess today is the time.


So, here is my story summed up-


1. Came to Germany in November, 2014 for a studienkolleg on a one year visa - successfully passed it - gained admission in a university in 2015 - extended my visa with a blocked account for 2 years (Until 31.10.2017)


2. However, things didnt go as planned, I did not like my studies and wanted to change to other majors but my university would not let me do it and it was hard to find any other English Bachelors. Decided to get admission in Belgium in 2016 - did not de-enroll from my German university, instead took 3 Urlaub semesters, just in case I did not like Belgium - came back to de enrol myself from the German Uni in 2017 - deregistered myself from Germany via Rathaus on November 3, 2017 but the lady put 03.10.2017 as the actual move out date - also went to ABH to explain my situation before my German title expired - ABH issued me written confirmation that I have talked to them about my situation and if I stay out of Germany for more than 180 days, my RP would become void

3. Now I am almost done with my Bachelors here but have gotten admission in a higher semester of another Bachelor (similar degree to my Belgian one but with a focus on IT) in Germany, and I am intending to take it as I wanna be back in Germany as Belgium is not my cup of tea and it was only a rebound country which happens to have an English language program in the first place. So obviously I need to apply for the visa for Germany from Brussels and I am getting quite nervous. I have no criminal record or anything bad on my name but I was wondering will the authorities decline my request as I was already there for almost three years, dropped out, went to Belgium and now want to come back again for another Bachelors. Will they judge me on my past indecisiveness or understand as I was a young teen with troubled judgement. I really think this is my best opportunity for a professional career as I have deep affinity with IT and I can also transfer a lot of my credits from Belgium university to the German which means I can graduate in less than two years. I also have a nice academic record at my current university. Could you guys please advice me how to prepare for the visa interview and what to expect?


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