Need US SIM card for receiving bank SMS verification

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If you have someone in the US that can mail you a US sim card, RedPocket is the cheapest option available.  They have an annual plan on the T-mobile network in the US that is $30/year.  It is only sold on ebay.  If you have someone in the US that can purchase the sim card and plan from ebay and mail it to you in Germany, you could activate and set the sim card up online.  If you have a phone that supports wifi calling, you should be able to receive texts in Germany while on wifi.


RedPocket is an MVNO that has plans for all three US networks:  T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon.  They are like AldiTalk is to o2; lidlconnect is to Vodafone; Edeka-smart is to German T-mobile.  


Here is their website:


Here is the $30 annual plan ebay link:


I have used RedPocket for over five years for my US service.  


I'm in the US but travel to Germany a couple times a year.  




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