New work contract and they ask about old salaries?!

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Hi everyone,


I really need your help I´m about to sign a new work contract when I noticed that they are asking about my old salaries? They asked me normal where und how I´m insured (I´m normaly Krankenkasse insured but with the new contract I´ll be Versicherungsfrei), this is ok but then comes the question if in 2017 and 2018 my income exceeded Jahresarbeitsentgeltgrenze? Why they need this? Even to provide proof of my last year salary - do they have the right to do it? Of course I don´t want that they see the difference between my last and my new salary? What can I do ? How can I proceed without giving this information and avoid confrontation? I´ve never seen such questions in my other work contracts that is why I´m confused.


Thank you very much in advance!!!


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They want to know if you were over the limit that you no longer need to be insured with the KK in those years.  They are not asking for the exact amount you were getting, just a yes or no if you were over the limit.  You could refuse to tell them or ask them why they want to know but according to  when they put in your insurance, they will find out if you are pflicht versichert at the moment and if you are, they know you were under the limit for the past year.


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