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You need or want to learn German and don't know where to begin?
You've already started learning German but you have no clue, no idea of the grammar or you are totally confused?
You've already been attending classes, but you don't understand the explanations and can't follow, or you are shy and afraid to speak, or you feel lost in a big group?
You have no idea of (English) grammar anyway and feel a slight dizziness when someone talks about "verbs", "subordinated clauses" or "conjugation"?
You've heard weird and intimidating things about the "awful"* German language (* Mark Twain) - endless numbers of articles, cases, monster words and you are scared?
Or you're already quite advanced but you want to get rid of that annoying accent or these little mistakes, once and for all?

Don't worry. There are answers to all this - there's light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, nobody says that German is particularly easy or that you can learn it within 3 days. You have to be patient and put some effort, indeed. But there are no hopeless cases. Especially for anglophone natives or proficient speakers of English, German will appear very close and related, especially regarding vocabulary and tense structure, therefore it's the most logic thing to learn German.
German is structured, logic, analytic, consists of many bits you can put together like a puzzle, sometimes surprising, funny, precise, poetic . . .


I'm using a special method, a macro-micro-structural approach in order to achieve that students understand grammar easier, quicker and more thoroughly.
Most of the time I'm giving one to one lessons, but also small group lessons for up to 3 students are possible if you have the same language level. Lessons are given at my place in Prenzlauer Berg.


You're coming to Berlin for a limited time - alone, as a couple, two or three friends - and want to not just do sight-seeing but also learn basic communication and get a "cultural coaching" at the same time? I can tailor a small crash course or "workshop" for you. I can also organize weekend courses for people who don't dispose of any time on weekdays.
Also, I offer intensive "Taster Courses" of 8 to 12 lessons that should be taken within a shorter periodin order to give you an idea of how I teach while at the same time giving you a basic overview of German grammar and some basic conversational skills.

If you're interested and want to know my website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile with references, details about my method, the prices, the open time slots or when to have a trial lesson, please send me a mail to


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Hello people wishing to start beginner classes right away!
I have a couple of students waiting to form a group and begin lessons as soon as possible. (I can of course open more groups, if enough people are interested). How about you, would you like to join?

Course 1: A-level course for students with basic German knowledge,

such as forming small sentences, conjugating verbs in present tense, maybe a little present perfect, asking and answering simple questions, basic vocabulary, knowing what´s a subject and object, a bit about Nominativ and Akkusativ. You should know some basics but no worries, we'll repeat grammar. One student is waiting already and wishes to begin/continue already in December.

Classes will take place twice per week, ideally, most likely on Mondays or Tuesdays and Thursdays around 14 h. With 3-4 students, the price per person will be materially reduced compared to one to one classes. Still, the lesson will be quite intensive as the small number allows individual attention and at the same time, you have the advantage of mutual feedback and interaction.

Course 2: for zero beginners without any knowledge

Classes will take place on weekday evenings twice a week, in some weeks once on a weekday evening, once on Saturday late morning. Days are still to define. On weekday evenings most likely at 19 h, on Saturdays at 11 h.


Classes starting as soon as a group is full!


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Still needing students for small group. - By the way, the most easy thing to begin more affordable classes in a small group is coming together with some friends, good acquaintances or colleagues. These groups work a little better regarding scheduling and commitment to each other.


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