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Hi everyone,

I've lived in Germany for a few years. Now I am back in my home country, since I'm writing the final paper. I don't have plans to return to Germany.


The problem is that in order to matriculate, the university on the German side insists that I need to have my insurance from a German provider. Which I obviously don't have anymore.


I've already gone through the process of applying for an insurance when I first matriculated, but then my insurance company dropped me when I was in Germany, it was a private insurance company. The thought of having to go through the process of searching for another student health insurance company, plus paying extra for something that I'm not even going to use, really isn't comforting. I don't want to do it, since it means I'll have to write my insurance company (the one that dropped me) to ask them to reinstate me. Otherwise I'm out of luck, because I'm too old for public insurance and I can't afford to pay for the more expensive private insurance.


(Long story short, I cracked my arm and needed an MRI. The health insurance company dropped me like a hot potato.)


Does anybody have any suggestions what I could do? I already told the person-in-charge that I'm overseas right now. It makes no sense to require me to have an insurance since I'm not even there, but that's bureaucracy. :/



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