Family center in Messestadt with home cooked food has open days every Thursday.

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Every Thursday except of holidays (also except of school holidays) in the family centrum "Fameri", located above the kindergarten on the other side of the Helsinkistr from the Aldi shop in Riem Arcaden there is an open evening with home cooked food. From ~4pm until ~6:30pm, Helsinkistr. 10.


One can buy cafe, tee, cacao and the main course dish with salad costs only 3.5€. There are pancakes with Nutella for children as well for 0,5€


The center has one big dinning room, one play room full of toys and one other entertainment room.


On 28.11.2019 from 15:00 there is additionally a calendar constructing program.

On 05.11.2019 there is Santa conning to Fameri and registered children will get presents.


I am writing it here, because the food is delicious, there is no entrance fee, but usually it's quite empty here.




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On 12.12.2019 is open day with warm food again

On 19.12.2019 you can come with children to make cookies (start 14:00, but can come later)

Afterwards a Christmass break.


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