Christmas markets open in Hamburg

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An extract from my Xmas page:


Glühwein - no, it's not something you sniff... glue-vine :lol:




Glühwein is a mulled wine, made with a special mixture of spices

Glow wine is the direct translation for Glühwein, said phonetically glue-vine, is only sticky if you spill it. The build up to Christmas in Germany is nothing without Glühwein, it plays a principal role in every Christmas Market and is simply Christmas as Germans know it. The basic recipe is simple and can be varied according to taste. If you like life fruity, try adding freshly pressed orange juice. Adding rum will blow your mind and sometimes other spices are included


1). 1 bottle of red wine

2). ¼ stick of cinammon

3). 3 thin cut lemon rinds

4). 2 orange slices

5). 2 cloves

6). 3 bay leaves


Translation (follow the number order)


1). 1 Flasche Rotwein und

2). ¼ Stange Zimt

3). 3 dünne Zitronenschalen

4). 2 Orangenscheiben

5). 2 Nelken (take care! Nelke = carnation)

6). 3 Lorbeerblätter

7). Cinammon = Zimt...

8). Piece of Ginger = Stück Ingwer

9). Spices = Gewürze


Heat up in a pot, with a lid on, so the alchohol does not escape, but don't let it boil. Leave for 5 minutes and remove the cinammon. If it boils, start again. Depending on taste, ginger can be added


Tip: If you use a large tea filter, the ingredients can easily be removed. Wrapping the ingredients in muslin serves the same purpose


We've tried a few of the ready-made Glühwein packets, with dried ingredients, on sale at the Christmas markets in Hamburg, but we believe it is the freshly cut fruit and fresh spices that create the taste of Glühwein. We are going to try a mix of both - the packet mixed with the addition of fresh oranges and lemons. By the way, the packets vary a lot in price. Compare the weight to the price. The larger packets are generally cheaper per 100g




In the supermarkets, Spar for example, we found some fruit-tea teabags called Winterzeit (Wintertime) from Teekanne:


Place one bag in a mug of cold red wine. Place in the microwave and heat for circa 1 min 40 secs. Leave the bag in, or take out, depending on taste. Add sugar or sweetener to taste. The ultimate in laziness! Now tell your guests you spent hours preparing it and don't hang a slice of lemon on the glass because it will take too long! :P


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