Aufenthaltserlaubnis (Issues to face if one falls sick for a long period)

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Hi everyone, I‘m Alex and i have fallen into a dilemma at the moment and would want to gain insights as to what would be the best option for me.


A little background, i am a Nurse and have an Aufenthaltserlaubnis valid until 3 years and can be renewed. What type is it, i‘m not really sure. But so far, i have no issues finding a job. There‘s always an opening somewhere.


My problem is, ever since i started working here, i have gotten so anxious that i can no longer sleep at night. Due to feelings of isolation on top of it due to some language barriers (i do speak german but sometimes it‘s just too much to handle) i have gotten ill and fell into depression. My doctor is kind enough to be very supportive of what i am going through and is willing to provide whatever papers i need (i.e., Krankschreibung), should i need one.


I have tried battling it by rotating to different departments that are less stressful (i was first in the Intensive Station, moved to post surgery and now in the Cardiac Wing but patients are really stable), but to no avail, i still feel depressed.


So my doctor and i decided to figure something out but we‘re still in the process of it all. She knows i‘m eligible to be sick for 78-79Weeks and will be covered by insurance, but we‘re not sure what effect it will have on my Arbeitserlaubnis as it clearly states that „I am allowed to work here as Nurse - plus the name of my current employer“ but unclear if this will bee invalidated if i get sick.


So to make it short, would i have any problem if i get sick under this visa? Specifically, would i be forced to leave the country since i will be technically not employed anymore?


I hope someone could shed light into this.


PS: I‘m not an EU Citizen.


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