Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

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On 5/6/2020, 12:06:51, MikeMelga said:

My (unfortunately) vast experience with German healthcare produced some unexpected remarks:

  • The receptionists are rude, they don´t help you and they refuse to/can´t speak English, even in Munich
  • On the other hand, doctors are nice and down to Earth, no superiority complex, at least compared with the assholes in Portugal
  • In general, they treat symptoms, not causes. Simpler and more money to be made, but not good on the long run
  • Absolutely no emotional considerations, they are body mechanics
  • short waiting times in doctor´s office. This was a nightmare in Portugal, but it also improved a lot recently
  • Weird dentist specialization, one for root canal, another for simpler things...
  • no visiting hours on hospital, people can get in and out at any time! Once at 8pm I had a guy entering my room to deliver indian food to the guy next to me!
  • no privacy in hospital, not even a bed curtain separator
  • they find weird that a husband comes with the wife to an appointment. They find those women "weak"



My German healthcare experience is very limited but it included 2 hospital stays with ADAC helicopter flights (one of which I do not remember).


My first hospital stay was in 2013, my German was very limited, and the only thing I remember was the doctor asking if I feel ok in Russian. The hospital records write: "The patient speaks decent English, understands who he is and where he is". I do not remember anything of this, total amnesia for 2 weeks after light brain injury.


In provincial Bavaria everyone was fine with English, and the receptionists were very sweet, always.


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