Niederlassung Erlaubnis with § 18 Abs 4. + Blau Karte

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Hey guys,

As a non-EU citizen I am looking to apply for Niederlassungserlaubnis in Munich but my case is a bit different as most of them here ;), would highly appreciate if you could share your knowledge

1) I have worked § 18 Abs 4S. 1 for 7 months then moved onto another company (dint qualify for BU, so got the visa as I am a medical doctor back home)
2) I started a new job with the same visa as above § 18 Abs 4S. 1 for 5 months ( with a salary much higher than the BC requirement ) before I got terminated.

3) I got Arbeitslosengeld 1- for 8 months
4) For the next 4 months, I paid my insurances myself (TK)
5) In total I was jobless for 12 months.
6) For the last 18 months, I have been working with a Blue card at a company and will continue to do so.

My question to the group members here is, Right now, I would like to apply for the Niederlassungserlaubnis:
A ) Do i qualify for Niederlassung as I fulfill the required amount of 21 months (I am very proficient with my German B2 level)
B ) not sure if they would take into consideration the time (7 months) I have spent at my first company ( as I dint have the minimum wage required for BC)
C ) Though I am optimistic that the time (5 months) spent at my second company can be considered as I had a salary that qualified for the blue card.

Thank you all.



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haven't been there yet! don't want to waste my time going there without an appointment cos I'm sure they would ask me to come back with an appointment even to give a small bit of info! tried calling BAMF but those guys have no clue whatsoever and kept referring back to their website 


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