Improv shows from 31.10 til 02.11.2019

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Hi Toytown,


You don't know improv and would like to check it out? You know improv already and love it?

From 31.10.2019 til 02.11.2019 there will be many improv shows happening in Munich. For children, for adults, for english speakers, for german speakers, well... for everyone.

Here is a quick overview of the schedule:

  Kindershow (DE): Thursday, October 31st from 11:00 to 12:00 at Theater Heppel & Ettlich

  Halloween Special with "Alone in the Dark" and "P²" (EN): Thursday, October 31st from 19:30 to 22:00 at Theater Heppel & Ettlich

  Galashow: "The Impro Wolpertinger" (EN/DE): Friday, November 1st from 19:00 til 22:00 at Das Schloss

  Abschiedskonzert: "Kießling & Kaffka": Saturday November 2nd from 19:30 til 21:30 at Theater Heppel & Ettlich

  "7 Women of Different Ages" (EN) and "Dressed Down" (EN): Saturday November 2nd from 19:30 til 21:30 at Import & Export

  "The Question" (EN) & "Das Vierte im Bunde" (DE): Saturday November 2nd from 19:30 til 21:30 at Pathos


The full programme and details are available here:

Come enjoy the shows with us!


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