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I'm filing my US taxes, with self-employed income.  I don't have any employees, just a sole trader/freelancer.  I'm a resident in Germany and am paying TK (public insurer) for my health insurance. 


The instructions for Schedule 1 Line 29 "Self-employed health insurance deduction" said to figure this out, if I'm filing 2555 (I am), I should use the worksheet in p 535.  For 2018 this is p28 "Worksheet 6-A Self-Employed Deduction worksheet". 


My question is - does this actually apply to me?  The first line states "Enter the total amount paid in 2018 for health insurance coverage established under your business..." 

Do my contributions really count as coverage established under my business? 

If so, would the Pflegeversicherung be what I claim on Line 2?


Thanks, and sorry if this has been discussed.  Normally I find everything I need by searching!  But in this case I just found information about claiming health insurance contributions against German taxes, rather than US, which is what I need here.


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I have continued with the filing in the meantime, and may have found that claiming this deduction wouldn't make a difference anyway.


In Schedule 1, I would use this as an adjustment to my income, and in Form 2555, I would have to lower my excluded income by the amount of the adjustment.  It looks like I can not bother and have the same result. 


If I were taking the tax credit route (rather than Form 2555), maybe the situation would be different, but for now, this is how I am filing.


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