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Renting tools for a quick service on my car in Koln

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Hay Everyone, 


 New member here. I'm helping a friend with basic maintenance on her car and was hoping to get some help. I was supposed to change the spark plugs on her Twingo along with a brake, oil and coolant flush plus basic filters etc but I don't have the correct tool. I managed to do everything else but I need a 14mm socket with possibly a fixed spanner, torque wrench or a T-grip to do the change.


 I tried to buy them but the prices are pretty steep, considering she would have to pay for the tools but the whole reason I'm doing this for her is because she does not want to spend a lot on a car that is pretty old.


 Is there anyone in Cologne that might have the tools mentioned or know if I could rent it for cheap? I just need it for 10 mins and I can do it even at the shop or wherever if I need to drive up there


Any type of help will be great. Regards




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Try google for "selbsthilfewerkstatt köln"


Here's one : €13/hr to open the door and drive in, some small amount for tools too :


When I used to fix cars for a hobby, I bought the tools after I had rented them for the third time.

Worked OK until the lot was stolen one dark and stormy night

then I was back to square one.


Good luck!


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