Deciphering Power of attorney in a Divorce, please help!

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So I am freshly moved back to the US after just over a year of marriage to a German woman. We are on relatively peaceful terms, but I am a bit nervous about handling the divorce. I basically have nothing for her to take as I am starting my life anew back in America. I think the plan is just to have a clean divorce with no property matters being included. My wife sent me a form to send back so that I can be "de-registrated" as a resident. I wanted to know if this form JUST grants permission for her to handle the residence issue, or if this is just blanket saying she can sign for me (DANGER!).



Here is the statement:


"Hiermit berechtige ich, (my name), meine Frau (her name) dazu mich in (City), Deutschland abzumelden."



and then I sign. I think it checks out but wanted to make sure. Thanks!


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