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Freelance + fulltime job questions

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Hi everybody! First I'll describe my current situation then address the questions.


I'm brazilian and I live in Weimar - Thuringia for 2 years now. I just finished my Master's studies here (the whole course over those 2 years). 20 days ago I got a full-time contract and also just applied for the working visa (they say I might get at least another 2 years). Last week I was approached by a marketing company from Berlin asking for a freelance job. It's just a one time thing that should take less than a month of my free time for the price of ~2200 euro. My current company already allowed me to do side jobs.



1-Even without a freelance visa and being foreigner, can I still take that job without problems?

2-How does taxes work in this case? I only pay income tax on top of those 2200 euro?

3-Should I just declare this value by the end of the year?

4-Although it's not something recurring, companies might ask me for other quick jobs in the future (let's say once every 2 or 3 months). Can this become an issue with only a normal working visa?


Thank you!


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