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Moving to Asia for 9 months, what do I need to do officially?

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Hey all,


I've been in Berlin for 10 years and decided to go to try out teaching in Vietnam from October this year to June 2020 (about 9 months). I am a UK national but also have (as of Tuesday!) German citizenship.


My question is, to what extent do I need to "abmelden" from everything here?


I've already got permission from my Hausverwaltung to sublet one room of the apartment I share with my bf (he's staying here while a friend moves in).


But should I "abmelden" myself from the apartment? One advantage of doing that, I understand, is I can then get out of contracts (eg phone contract) that I won't be needing while abroad.


And re: health insurance, I have quit my job, effective 30. September. Should I just quit my health insurance altogether or go for a Anwartschaft (reduced rate "dormancy" of my insurance)?


If I don't de-register from my apartment would I still legally be then "living in Germany" and therefore required to pay health insurance?


And is there anything else I forgot about? :rolleyes:


If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.


Thanks in advance!



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I was in a similar situation a few years ago. 


I wanted to keep my apartment and maintain my health insurance status so I did not abmelden and went onto an Anwartsschaft with TK. It was all very easy.  Personally I chose this route as I wanted to make sure I could reenter the public health system and that way there were no discrepancies.  I wanted things to be as smooth as possible when I returned.


if you don’t deregister, you have to keep paying health insurance. 


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