How to prepare Mietvertrag/Rental Agreement as a House Owner/Eigentümer

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Hello All,

Recently i have bought a House in Nidderau area.

Its around 126,61m2 (EG-66,85m2 / DG-59,76m2).

FYI: KG is around 83,56m2.


Currently it's a Einfamilienhaus. But we're 2x ppl(me & my husband) living there, so for us EG is sufficient enough.


My plan is to rent out the DG under untermietvertrag, since it's not a Zweifamilienhaus.


But how to prepare the Untermietvertrag for this? Would be nice if someone experience ppl can help me without suggesting meeting lawyer.


Also, what is the procedure to get ZweifamilienHaus approval/genehmigung?


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Asking a lawyer to prepare a lease is definitely overkill.


I'd just join the Frankfurt homeowners' association (Haus & Grund):


They have template contracts and provide advice to their members (including legal advice).



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