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American in Germany

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This post reminded me of American high school autumns eons ago. I was never actually a football fan but rather liked the entertainment folded around the games. That and the rare social life of gabbing with classmates as we sat in the bleachers pointing out other classmates (who was on a date mainly) and teachers (oh look, Mr. Foley has a girlfriend). 


But this post above, and the video, inspired me this week to pick up a flyer at my local REWE that advertised the Heavenly Forces Dancers. Up to spying the flyer, I didn't know there were German cheerleaders at all. The things one finds when pausing to read the adverts and flyers at your local REWE. 


The videos linked here remind me of my age. I was imagining the autumnal cheerleaders of my high school in Virginia with their fat bi-colored pompoms and school colors turtleneck sweaters and pleated skirts. Obviously Heavenly Forces Dancers are not only cheerleaders but event dancers. One video does show what I guess may now be the 'old school' cheerleader look though. :) 


Here's to another autumn, where, back home, brassy bands, flag corps and cheerleaders will once again add sparkle and splendor to the many American high school football games. 




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