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Dear All,

We are planning to move into an area around Frankfurt that has a lovely neighbourhood and good state grundschules for our 5.5 year old son. I know we are registered to a school where our address is located. Thats why we are trying to find a spot that is close to a good school that has also afternoon classes because both me and my wife would work. We look for neighbours like Bad Vilbel, Heusenstamm, Ober Ursel, Obert Hausen, Bad Hamburg, Bad Sodel and maybe Hofheim too. (We don't want Frankfurt City center and Offenbach) 

Do you have any suggestion on school names or good districts where we can go to? 

Thanks a lot. There are some topics but they disscuss international schools or schools in Frankfurt center.


Kind regard

Firat Coskun 


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Hi Firat,

I was going to post a much longer, fuller post, but decided that it might be better to just offer the following.

Firstly, the choice is not really about finding a "good" grundschule, but more about finding one that isn't "bad". Compared to the country I left, and those of many of my expat friends, the German Grundschule is an outstanding disappointment and an unwanted surprise about life in this fine land. It is characterised, comparatively, by a limited and unimaginative curriculum that is delivered by unfocused, poorly trained, unimaginative and uncommitted teachers. So you need to just find a nice neighbourhood (meaning one that is not populated by one-eyed, bigoted a***holes) and then pay close attention to the teachers and daily school life. And be prepared to engage with teachers who can't be bothered actually earning the moniker "educator" or understanding that belligerent, bullying behaviour is actually not acceptable.

As for afternoon classes, you likely know already that this is usually the "Ganztagschule" aspect. The name "all day" is often a misnomer as it usually ends well before the end of the working day. But just ask the school to confirm that there is a place for your child. You may also find other options - which you have to pay for - which suit your circumstances.


Hope this helps...although it is only one opinion so far....and generally speaking, the westerly side of Frankfurt is the nicer part....

good luck with everything...




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