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I'd really like to start some training and self improvement, but unfortunately with my work hours, commute and dog, it seems like almost everything of this sort is closed in Munich by the time I can be free around 8 or 9pm. I'm in Berg am Laim. I guess it is a long shot in Munich, but I thought I'd reach out in case there was anyone interested, or had any ideas. 


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Hi Beebree, you should maybe check out Keep Safe ( They have evening course starting at 8:15pm (and ending at 9:15pm) and they also offer courses on Sunday. 

I've started going there not so long ago, and the atmosphere is super nice, they are very welcoming of newcomers and there is really no need to have any prior knowledge of Krav Maga / be super fit. The teachers are good and the 1h flies by really quickly. 

They offer a free test session (just write an email to them beforehand) and then you can either go for a subscription or buy a 10 sessions pass. And I imagine this is not too far from where you live (depending on where you are in Berg am Laim). 




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