Switching employers and drop to part time on work permit?

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Hi everyone,


If you have a work permit that is not connected to a specific employer, can you switch employers and drop to part-time hours with the new employer?

I am not sure:

1. If you switch employers, what steps (if any) you must take legally (inform the KVR of new job, etc.)

2. If the new job has to meet a certain amount of hours or salary. Can you take a part-time job?


Thanks for the help!







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if your work permit is really unrestricted you can work for any employer, any amount of hours (up to the legal maximum of 48 per week). You can even be self-employed, if you want that.


Your new employer needs to know your Krankenkasse, and you should tell your Krankenkasse about your job change.


Congratulations !


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