First time fathers in Mannheim, any meet-ups?

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Hello everyone!


I'm a Swede living in Mannheim, Germany, and my girlfriend and I are expecting our first child at the end of this year. I've been trying to find if there are any "First time fathers" meet-ups or anything of that type here without any luck. Does anyone else here know if there is any such group?


I speak German, I speak and understand it well enough to handle myself in a conversation so it doesn't need to be a English only group or such, but my writing in German is terrible, hence why I'm posting this in English. :D


I would love to meet other people in the same situation or people already with children that feels like meeting other fathers. :) I found a lot of groups for mothers but none for fathers and figured it would be nice to just grab coffee or such and talk about it. Not limited to it of-course. I think it would be nice to meet some more people in general here since I still don't really know anyone. :)




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