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Hi all!


I am looking for advice or recommendation for a good tax counselor/adviser who speaks English to sort out a situation. I am willing to pay for professional advisement.


Here's the situation: I'm currently unemployed and receiving unemployment benefit (ALG I). I am married and mine and my wife's tax class are III/V, respectively. We chose this because I was the only one employed and thus this netted us a higher monthly wage from my gross salary. My ALG I was calculated based on this tax bracket.


My wife has never worked in Germany and has never received any sort of unemployment benefit. However, she seems to have found a job and will probably sign a contract soon. If this works out, then she will be earning the higher salary, ca. twice than my unemployment benefit. So we figure that her staying in class V will deduct too much from her monthly salary.


We would like to change her to III and me to V, or even to IV/IV without factor, but I'm not sure how this would affect my unemployment benefit.



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