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Changing from intl insurance to public - student

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Hi, I’m currently going thru the process to enrol at Uni in Berlin and need to change to real, German public healthcare from my current private international healthcare (ALC). Just want to know if this is straightforward or not. My flatmate called AOK yesterday and the guy said all I need to do is bring along my EHIC card, enrolment letter, formula that i’m no longer insured by the NHS (although I read elsewhere here that this is obsolete nowadays), and sign up but perhaps he didn’t get the point that I live here already, work here as courier and am currently privately insured, or is it so straightforward nonetheless? Not sure how exactly it works in this situation, will I have to show proof to AOK that I’ve cancelled my other insurance first(dunno if this is possible even to cancel it before my yearly contract is up with ALC near the end of the year)?




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