Quitting your job during sickleave

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Hello Everyone,


Hoping to receive advice on the following;


I'm a divorcee (German spouse) who's been in Germany for about a decade and who is now on a 1 year visa that extends based on my income (3x rent in net).

I am not a skilled labourer (can't join uni here unfortunately) but ambitious and have worked at startups for the past two years. Getting a job - let alone a fitting one - is quite difficult.


Recently, I had two offers and I turned down the lesser challenging one in the hopes of gaining new skills and getting comfortable with working more in German...But I bit off far more than I could chew - and now, without going into too many details and to keep a long story short; the company failed to deliver on 2/3 the reasons for my choosing them (and specifically avoiding this kind of situation) and it basically caused/worsened stress and anxiety issues so much that I've had to take sick leave for the first time ever and have been written off for 3 weeks, with the doctor pushing for 4 for a start.


I am still within the probation period and I honestly don't want to return as the damage has been done and no miracle can undo things now. I'm at my wits end and am even willing to take the risk of not having my visa extended. :(


The notice period is currently at two weeks.

What happens if I quit during my sick leave?

I really don't want to go back there afterwards to work for 2 weeks and pretend like nothing happened.


Any help / advice very appreciated.


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Any chance of you contacting the other company to see if they are still interested in you? Might solve the visa issue, plus if they are - and even if they say no, but regretfully - it might boost morale a bit and you sound like you could need it! 



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