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Hello to all sporty people out there! 

Moving to Berlin (or Germany for that matter) from certain places in the world where working out doesn’t just mean to go to the gym but also try different types of studios and workouts (like TRX, Bootcamps, Pilates etc) can be difficult at first. And it always means doing lot of research to find similar workouts and studios that you’re used to at home. Plus sometimes you don’t feel like going by yourself.

I just wanted to share this amazing website (they also have a monthly newsletter) which will make your life much easier, as they have already tested and reviewed a lot of different workouts in the city. Plus they’re pairing it with a nice brunch/dinner or bar spot close by for after:


There’s also a Facebook group for all fitness/workout related questions, which is also a nice community for meeting people to go to workouts with:


I hope this will help some of you to get your sweat on and find some workout buddies ;)



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