Krankenkasse didn't send my 2018 contribution statement to Finanzamt, now I have a huge fee to pay!

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Hi all,


I need some advice. I have been freelancing in Germany for over a year now and my Steuerberater has just filed my annual tax return.

Unfortunately earlier in the year I forgot to give my Krankenkasse (TK) permission to send an electronic version of my 2018 contributions to Health Insurance to the Finanzamt. As a result my Steuerberater has said that I need to pay a premium of 5,500 within a month.

I have since called TK and they have now sent the 2018 contributions to the Finanzamt, but my Steuerberater has advised that I should still pay the outstanding amount because she has filed an appeal on my behalf.

I really cannot afford to pay  5,500 and do not know where I can get that from. Does anybody have any experience of this situation before, and is there any way I can avoid paying this fee now that the original issue has been rectified.



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