Brit saves life of German child in Sauerlach (County of Munich)

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A Brit, obviously an Afghanistan-veteran of the British forces, saved the life of a child in Sauerlach a few days ago!
The boy was by accident fallen into the rails and the Brit jumped down and saved him before the incoming train could kill him.

But he did not come out before public media asked for it... a true hero

He is apparently going thru the apprenticeship of a stonemason. so if you live in the hood, you might want to give him your business?





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Good for him!



You know many years ago I saw something similar in Stockholm.  We were waiting for the S-Bahn on a fairly quiet station and heard a scream turned to see a pram falling off the platform onto the tracks about 50m away (on another platform).  Immediately about 3 men jumped down onto the tracks and with the help of others on the platform got the pram back on the platform and everything was fine.



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