Advice on primary school and apartment in Durlach or Karlsruhe City

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Hello everyone,


I'm new here and did some research on related houses and school posts, but would still appreciate any advice to see if there could be anything wrong on my plan or thought.


I came to Karlsruhe for my new employment starting next month and now are renting a short-term apartment. I just started learning German so probably won't be able to use it for useful things.


My wife and two boys ages 7 and 3 years old will only be able to come to join me after summer vacation, probably October. We're not native English speaker but my older son went to bilingual school so we speak English.


Currently I want to look for an apartment in Durlach or around Südstadt, and therefore will probably consider Pestalozzischule or Tullaschule which has the VKL class that could help my sons to learn German. I know that public school could be decided by where we live, so I'm doing research for both both at the same time.


From what I was told and my research it seems apartment is difficult to be found. Could anyone kindly share his/her experience on looking for apartments in Durlach? I'm still waiting for my Schufa, and will need to find the long-term apartment before end of July. Will lots of people visit the apartments at the same time as in Berlin (my Airbnb host told me he beat 20+ people to get his)?


I read some post about Tullaschule but not Pestalozzischule. Could anyone have experience for it as well as its VKL class? I haven't contacted schools yet since my kids won't be here until October, but should I call or write email to school in advance? Do they speak English?


Thanks in advance for any comments or advice.


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