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Can you teach me GCSE and later A Level Maths from start? (English only) 


I am 49, based in the south of Frankfurt.  Although I am a University graduate,  I seemed to have forgotten many things. 


In return, I can design you a simple web site, a flyer, a logo, a book, anything you need in Adobe Creative Suite, in WordPress. I can teach you many software programs, just ask me to see if I know.  


payment method: an hour to an hour payment model (barter time) 


We can do a trial at the start. At my home or at yours. Any time is a good time for me. I work from home so very flexible how we can fit it all in.




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5 hours ago, snowingagain said:


If you need help prodding your memory, Khan Academy online has really good videos on maths (and science).  


Hi, yes sure, Khan Academy seems to have very good content. I have already looked there. I think, in some ways, online learning is a kind of passive way of studying for me. What I would like is that definite time slot set aside with a real tutor. I am motivated better that way. I also would really like to follow a real GCSE book during.  So, I really get things done this way, I need a  kind of peer review- I guess :) 


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