Fishing licence in dessau ?

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Hi there, i have moved to Dessau for some time now, and i really miss fishing 

apparently, in  Sachsen Anhalt, i cant get a tourist fishing license by validating my Portuguese license,

so i have to make a new one here , 

i have search about it , and i have to have classes or something and be part of a club,

also, i have to take a written test .

 there is a FRIEDFISCHANGELN license, for that i just have to have an interview as far has i understood but it is more limited on the styles of fishing.

i only do sport fishing, no dead, catch and release.

can someone give me some pointers on this? how can i fish legally in Sachsen Anhalt, i really miss fishing right now i can only fish when on vacations in Portugal , were i can get my license in 3 minutes at any atm machine 


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I've often discussed this with a colleague over the last weeks as I also really miss fishing here.

Sadly, fishing is a totally diferent culture in Germany, firstly it isn't considered a sport like in the UK.

Secondly, anything you catch has to be killed and taken away, no putting the fish back, as in the UK.


Most importantly, you have to pass a test to get a licence which normally means going to fishing (night) school to learn everything and then pass the test to be allowed to fish.

Don't be shocked when the full cost of school and everything is in the region of €2000.


Edit: My colleague tells me that there are controllers who check on people fishing as well as local Police. At least here in Bayern they're keen on catching wrong-doers and the fine for being caught doing something illegal like putting live fish back in the water, or even using keep nets like we do in the UK will be up to €15K.


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"Fishing without a license since September 2013 in Saxony-Anhalt possible

Fishing without a license in Saxony-Anhalt is conditionally allowed

Fishing without a license in Saxony-Anhalt is conditionally allowed

Basically, there are two options to get around part of the big fishing trial in Saxony-Anhalt. The first option is to help an experienced fisherman " practice fishing ".

Under Paragraph 28 (2), first sentence, of the Fisheries Act of Saxony-Anhalt , this possibility is permitted. However, the "experienced angler" must be in possession of a valid fishing license.

The second option is relatively new. Since September 2013 fishing without a license in Saxony-Anhalt is allowed, but with some restrictions . Although the state government does not want a tourist fishing license such as Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, it has introduced a coarse fishinglicense. He is to be regarded as a kind of " mini-fishing license " in Saxony-Anhalt."





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