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Changing Driving School

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Hi all,


I have been doing my theory lessons for my motorcycle license. I have completed the lessons and only need to take the exam. I was due to start the practical lessons tomorrow, but the instructor broke his foot and cannot drive. The School says that I am now looking at an 8 to 12 week wait before another instructor becomes available.


My plan is to do the theory test with the current school, then change the school I am using start my plactical lessons with the new one which can offer me lessons beginning in 2 weeks. I know it is possible to change schools, but I am unsure of the process. Can anyone give me any hints? As far as I understand I certainly have the right (legally) to change schools without any payment penalty - meaning, I pay for the theory lessons I have had, and nothing more. Can aonyone confirm this or give other tips?


Thanks in advance.


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