Claiming tax returns in Germany for the Diploma degree acquired.

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Hello guys, I have benefited greatly by this community over the years. Al by being just a passive reader answering my doubts just be reading through the forum. To that, I thank you all. But reading my tax situation I cannot seem to get my head around.

        - Marital status: Single 

        - Previous education: BSc in Visual Communication (Not in Germany)

        - Period of education (Diploma in Germany): March 2014 - March 2016

        - Employed from: April 2016 - present (3years). 

        - No children

        - Salary: 32400 

        - I paid 16000 Euros in Tuition for the two years I studied 

        - Ever since I started working, I pay around 600 euros toward my education loan (Approx: Tuition 16000; Living expense 15300 euros( which includes travel and living for 9 months internship in three cities Stockholm, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam) 

        - Haven't files taxes from 2014 - 2018

I am aware as of now the tax returns are not granted for first degrees. But will a Diploma in Germany count as a second degree? I have read articles which suggest that in anywise filing a tax return is beneficiary in case the supreme court rules out the unfair bias between bachelors and masters. Which makes me wonder about the status of a diploma degree.

Has anyone has experience claiming tax returns on a diploma course, if that is even possible.

Quoting wundertax “Can all students use a tax loss carry over?

All students completing a second degree (master or bachelor with previous vocational training) can claim their educational and occupational expense as work-related tax deductions.

For students completing their first degree, the current finance authority only acknowledge the tuition fees as extraordinary expenses, a loss carry over is therefore not possible (see notes below).“

again, this does not mention anything about a diploma.

Thank you for reading through, any input is appreciated :) 


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