Question for dual nationals: What nationality code is on your health/pension papers?

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To everyone who has already become dual nationals, (DE + other country, or non-DE + non-DE) I have a quick question on how Germany determines this on paperwork:


On your rentenversicherung, sozialversicherung, taxes, jahresabrechnung, and many other items of paperwork from DE authorities, there is usually a listing of numbered codes / Kuerzel that correspond to nationality. E.g. 168  (British).


These codes are usually house-internal, so may not be the same for each authority/paperwork. The full listing of the codes is usually printed in fine-print on the reverse of the papers, or in accompanying explanation notes. There is usually only adequate space for holding a single code.


So how, and who gets to decide which of your nationality codes is listed on paperwork? Or is it just whichever nationality you held the earliest?




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I am dual US and Germany, having acquired the German citizenship as an adult but before moving to Germany. Your situation may be different though if you’ve been registered here for a long time before acquiring German citizenship. Point being, all my bureaucratic things here like registering for insurance were done upon moving to Germany as a German citizen (regardless of the fact that I did not live here before).


So, all of my paperwork here such as taxes, insurance, and retirement uses German as my nationality. The government (and official-related things like insurance) only sees me as German in Germany. Makes sense - the US government sees me only as a US citizen for tax purposes, passport, etc. Basically I am officially German in Germany, American in the US, and either American or German elsewhere depending on which passport I used to enter that country.


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