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In search of Dreadlocks stylist

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Servus everyone!


 I am living in a small town an hour outside of Munich, near the Austrian border... literally. I moved here from Miami and my Deutsch is Okay but not great. I am looking for a salon or someone who works from home that can retwist my locs (Dreadlocks), I have had no luck in going into an Friseur salon in Munich where a frau wanted to charge me $150 Euros because many people claim to know how to retwist afro hair but I do not want massive hair loss from attempts or trial runs. No disrespect to her service or shop but that is more than triple of what I am accustomed to paying for my locs since they are not even past my neck in length. 


I would be willing to drive outside of Munich, Bavaria or anywhere near to get my locs palm rolled and parted correctly, I have attempted to retwist them myself but I have had no luck :lol: .


Please please send suggestions 


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