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We are relocating to Germany in a few months and I have a question on residency.


My husband is a German citizen and I am Australian. We have 2 children, both Australians. I understand that our children are entitled to dual citizenship, however atm they only have Australian passports.


1. Do you know of any issues entering the country as 1 German/3 Australians without a return ticket?

2. Will the children require German passports before entering?

3. What am I required to do after arrival, for my residency?


Vielen Dank für ihre Hilfe!


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If you have a few months before moving you could get a head start on the German passports for the kids although I don't actually think you'll have problems entering if you don't. 


You should also be taking German courses if you aren't already. There is a system of courses where you have to pass modules called A1, A2, B1, B2 etc. As a spouse you need A1 to get residency. That's actually pretty basic. Once you are in Germany go to your local Ausländer Behörde to figure out what you need for residency. Pretty basic you need your German, his passport and your marriage certificate and not sure what else.


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Hey Ozonthemove, 


I did the same thing in reverse back in 2015, temporarily relocating to Australia with my German wife and my German-born daughter. I had already applied for and had granted Australian citizenship by descent for my daughter. According to the Auswärtiges Amt, children born to a German parent after the 1/1/2000 are eligible for German citizenship and you need to get in touch with the Bürgeramt/Bürgerbüro in the area you're moving to to apply. Here's the page. You might need hubby's help if your German is limited:


Without knowing the specific requirements, you'll definitely need NAATI accredited translations of the Australian birth certs along with certified (beglaubigt) copies of your husband's passport etc. I can put you in touch with a translation service on Sydney who I know personally. Can't guarantee mates rates but they're good and certainly reasonably priced. It can all be done via email. Let me know. 


Re language requirements, as far has I know and according to how I understand the info from BAMF, you only need to demonstrate language proficiency (and then only B1) if you wish to apply for a Niederlassungserlaubnis (permanent residence, also referred to as settlement permit) which you'll only be eligible after having an Aufenthaltserlaubnis (residence permit) for 5 years. I'm currently applying for PR myself. Here's the info (in English):


So although it's always a good idea to improve your language skills for anywhere you intend going, don't be too concerned about that at this stage. By the time you can apply for PR, you'll be able to pass the B1 test in a canter. 


On the basis of your marital status (defacto doesn't count in Germany) you should be eligible for Aufenthalt "aus familiären Gründen (residence for family reasons) and a (again NAATI accredited) translation of your marriage certificate is the main documentation required. 


So where are you intending on settling, any idea? 



Also, regarding the one-way tickets, why not just buy a return flight (at least for yourself) and book the return for the furtherst possible date in the future (usually 12 months)? They're only marginally more expensive than one-way tickets anyway. That way you can avoid any problems on arrival and don't you think you'll feel like a trip home in a year's time? Just a thought. 


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